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What are Forums?

Forums are community knowledge repositories within your Legal Department. They are often used as Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) and answers but they also contain the ability for Topic posters to allow comments and therefore access community knowledge.

How do I access Forums?

To access BriefBox’s Forums, you must first have access to the LaunchPad Module (for more information see “How to Guide LaunchPad Dashboard”).

If you have access to LaunchPad, accessing Forums is easy. Simply click on the Forums link on the left hand side navigation pane or alternatively click on “LaunchPad” in the top black bar navigation menu and select “Forums”.

What are Categories, Sections and Topics?

Topics are individual questions or ‘threads’ involving a particular subject matter. Sections are intended to operate as a container for a number of common Topics (i.e. Topics are grouped by Section). Categories, similar to Sections, act as a container for common Sections.

Both Categories and Sections are set by LaunchPad Admins using the Publisher.

How do I view a Topic?

To view all Sections within a Category, expand the relevant Category in the right hand menu bar (under the heading Categories) by selecting the ‘+’ next to the Category name. Next click on the relevant Section to get a view of all Topics grouped by that Section.

Alternatively, you can simply scroll down the main page to view Sections listed by Category (with the most recently viewed Topic for each Section displayed).

How do I view all of my Recent Topics?

Simply select the “Recent Topics” tab at the top of any of the Forum pages.

How do I view all Topics I have created?

Simply select the “My Topics” tab at the top of any of the Forum pages.

How do I create a Topic?

To create a Topic, navigate to the Section within which the Topic should reside and click “ New Topic” at the top of the page. In the subsequent “New Topic” modal, select the relevant Category and Section (these will be prepopulated based on the Section you were last in) and add a Topic Title and Topic Post.

Finally, add any attachments by either dragging the file where indicated or clicking the “Add attachment” link and indicate whether you would like to allow others to comment on the Topic (comments will be viewable publicly).

Authors posting a Topic should “Allow Comments” where the addition of community views/knowledge will be beneficial. Authors have the ability to delete comments posted on their Topics – for example where the comment might be incorporated into an amended post and therefore made redundant.

Note: the Topic Post content can be formatted (e.g. with indents, bullets, numbered lists etc). If you are copying and pasting text, pasting text, please be mindful that the formatting of the Topic Post may need to be revisited after clicking “Save”.

Remember: Topics are viewable by the entire Legal Department. Please only post new Topics if you are sure of the content.

How do I respond to a Topic?

If the author of the Topic has allowed users to comment on the Topic, you can do so by simply typing in the space below the Topic opening post (or if there are already existing comments, beneath the latest comment). Once you have finished typing your comment, click “Submit”.

How do I delete my Post?

To delete a post you have submitted, click on the trash can icon to the right of your post.

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