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How do I access and open my Workrooms?

Access and where to find

All BriefBox users have access to Workroom functionality. BriefBox allows users to create Workrooms for both Internal (for collaboration with colleagues) and External (for collaboration with Providers) purposes in order to manage deals, briefs, projects and other tasks in a collaborative manner. To access the main Workroom page, either select the Workrooms icon from the BriefBox Homepage or click “Manage” in the top black bar navigation menu and select “My Workrooms”.

How do I create a new Workroom?

Step 1:

Navigate to the main Workroom page by following the instructions under “How do I access and open my Workrooms?and select “Create Workroom”.

Step 2: Internal Workroom

Select whether the Workroom is to be an Internal or External Workroom and enter a Workroom name. You will need to identify if the Workroom relates to a dispute or potential dispute by clicking the relevant checkbox. This is important as this will present Dispute Management options.

Note: files and messages posted to a Workroom are visible to all Team members, whether internal to your organization or otherwise. Once all fields have been completed, select .

Step 2: External Workroom

If the Workroom is an External Workroom, additional detail will be required (including the details of the Provider you will be collaborating with and details of the agreed billing arrangements).

Note: files and messages posted to a Workroom are visible to all Team members, whether internal to your organization or otherwise. Once all fields have been completed, select “Create”.

Step 3

You will now be asked to add members to the Workroom Team. You can scroll through your general BriefBox Team members or all of your colleagues registered with BriefBox (toggle between these views by selecting either the “My Team” or “Everyone” buttons to the top right of the screen).

You can also search for a new Team member by entering their name in the search field. If you are in the “My Team” view, you will only be able to use the search field to search for members within your existing BriefBox Team. To add to your Team select “Add” below the new Team member’s profile picture. Select as many Team members as appropriate and click “Save”.

What is a Workroom Overview page?

The Overview page for a Workroom provides you with a snapshot of all important information and activity related to that Workroom such as:

• recent messages and uploaded files

• upcoming Events

• the total time recorded by all members of the Workroom

You can also add Quicklinks to the Overview page (for more information on how to use and add Quicklinks, see How to Guide – Using the LaunchPad Dashboard)

How do I add/remove Team members of my Workroom?

Only Workroom Leads can add and remove Team members (for more information, see How do I make another Team member a Workroom Lead? below). To add additional Team members, enter the Workroom, select Teamin the left hand menu to navigate to the Team page for that Workroom and select . You can then follow the steps for adding Team members under Step 3 of How do I create a new Workroom?

To remove a Team member of a Workroom, from the Team page referred to above, click the Actionsbutton next to the Team member’s entry and select Removefrom the dropdown menu.

How do I make another Team member a Workroom Lead?

Users appointed as a Lead of a Workroom have administrative privileges with respect to that Workroom (which include the ability to add and remove members of the Workroom Team). If you have created a Workroom, you will automatically be appointed as the initial Lead of that Workroom.

Leads of a Workroom can appoint and remove other Leads of that Workroom. To appoint or remove Leads, from the Team page, click the Actionsbutton and select Make Leador Remove Lead(as appropriate) from the dropdown menu.

How do I post a message in a Workroom?

Workrooms allow users to collaborate by maintaining a single repository for all messages and files related to the Workroom. You can post messages to the Workroom by navigating to the dedicated Message page for that Workroom (select Messagesin the left hand menu of the Workroom).

You can then simply type your message, add any attachments and click Post”. Add attachments by either dragging the file(s) where indicated or clicking the Add attachmentlink and navigating to the relevant file. Please note that the maximum file size for attachments is 20MB.

How do I upload a file to a Workroom?

You can upload a file to a Workroom by either attaching the file to a message (see How do I post a message in a Workroom? above) or via the dedicated Files page for the Workroom.

To upload directly, select “Files” in the left hand menu to navigate to the dedicated File page for that Workroom. Next, select and search for the relevant file or otherwise drag the file where indicated. All files uploaded to a Workroom (whether attached to a message or uploaded directly via the Files page) will be accessible from the dedicated Files page. You can sort uploaded files by File Name, Source, User or Date Uploaded by selecting the relevant column heading.

How do I view the Workroom Calendar?

All Team members of a Workroom have access to a shared Workroom Calendar for all Events related to that Workroom. To view the Workroom Calendar, select Calendar in the left hand menu of any of the Workroom’s pages.

You can display the Calendar by month, week or day by clicking the relevant option at the top of the Calendar. Cycle through Calendar entries by clicking on the left and right arrows at the top right of the screen. You can revert back to the current day, week or month by clicking the todaybutton.

Note that you can also search Events by entering in a search term in the search field at the bottom right hand side of the Calendar (see image below) and view past Events, in addition to current and future Events, by ticking the Show Past Eventscheckbox below the Calendar.

How do I view the details of a particular Event?

Click on an Event in the Calendar to view more details related to that Event.

How do I create a Calendar Event for a Workroom?

Simply select Eventat the top right of the dedicated Calendar page. Complete the details in the modal which displays (Title, Description, Event Type and Start and End dates and times). Once all details have been populated, select Create”.

How do I edit and delete a Calendar Event?

To edit or delete a Workroom Calendar Event, simply select the Event within the Calendar and click the edit or delete button.

If editing an Event, you can update the details of the Event in the modal which presents after clicking Edit”.

Can I enter time for a Workroom directly from the Workroom itself?

Yes. Simply navigate to the dedicated Time page for the Workroom by selecting “Time” in the left menu bar.

Enter the details for the particular time entry and, once complete, select “Add to log”. You can also delete entries by clicking the Trashcan icon next to the relevant time entry.

Can I see all files, Events and Time across my Workrooms in one location?

Yes, from the main Workroom page listing simply click on the Calendar, Files or Time option at the top of the page.

This will provide you with a consolidated Calendar view, list of all Files or list of all Time entries for all Workrooms of which you are a member.

What is the Dispute page?

When creating a Workroom, users can specify whether the subject of the Workroom is a dispute or potential dispute. In these circumstances, the Workroom will display a dedicated Dispute page which ensures the Team can capture important information related to the dispute. The Dispute page allows Team members to manage the dispute collaboratively.

My Workroom has an email address – what is this for?

You can also post a message by sending an email to the email address specified at the top of the Workroom.

How do I close a Workroom?

Workroom Leads can close a Workroom once the Workroom is no longer required. To close a Workroom, select “Completion” in the left hand menu to navigate to the Completion page for that Workroom. Next click the Completeoption and select Submit”.

If the Workroom is an Internal Workroom, the Workroom will be closed once you click the button as per the above instructions. However, an External Workroom will only be closed once both you and the Provider collaborating in the Workroom have marked the Workroom as Complete. Note that you will be asked to provide a rating of the Provider when closing an External Workroom.

Can I access a Workroom once it is closed?

Yes. To access closed Workrooms, simply navigate to My Workroomsby selecting the My Workroomsoption on the Home Page. From there, press on Closedin the sidebar under “Browse by Status” tab. That’s it, you will now see all of your closed Workrooms.

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