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What is LaunchPad?

LaunchPad is a private legal department module designed to assist and facilitate collaboration amongst members of your organisation’s legal team. BriefBox (in which LaunchPad resides) is designed for external collaboration, workflow and reporting whilst LaunchPad is an optional legal department start page and internal collaboration environment.

How do I subscribe to LaunchPad?

Step One:

If you have not already registered for BriefBox, follow the steps to register under BriefBox How To Guide– How To Register.

Step Two:

Once the module is active on your BriefBox account, you will see “LaunchPad” in the top black bar navigation menu.

Step Three:

If you can’t see LaunchPad, ask your Company Admin to allow you to have access to the LaunchPad module. If you don’t know who your Company Admin is (there may be more than one), please contact us at and we will get back to you quickly.

How do I access the LaunchPad Dashboard?

To view the LaunchPad Dashboard at any time, once you have logged into BriefBox, click “LaunchPad” in the top black bar navigation list and select “Dashboard”.

What does the LaunchPad Dashboard do?

The LaunchPad Dashboard is a personalised intranet page, a ‘one stop shop’ for all core functionality including from our other BriefBox modules. From the Dashboard view, users can:

• view team Banners, Events and Announcements

• manage their Activity Stream

• record and see Team Capacity

• check other users’ detailed Profiles

• add daily Time entries

• access commonly used internal and external sites via Quicklinks

How do I access and view Announcements?

The Announcements feature allows you to quickly view key information relevant to you and your organization such as product launches, deal wins, training reminders. Announcements are available both on the Dashboard widget and under the Announcements dedicated page, accessible from the left hand side navigation pane.

On the dedicated page, you can view Announcements in two formats - a longer List view and in a Grid magazine view. The system will remember your preference.

Select the title of an Announcement to view the Announcement in its entirety including images, attachments and links.

If you are a LaunchPad Admin you can add Announcements via the LaunchPad Publisher (see How to Guide -LaunchPad Admin). If you have multiple regions and/or practice groups, you can narrow your announcements to those sub-groups accordingly.

What are LaunchPad Events?

LaunchPad includes a team-wide calendar, available on the dedicated Events page. You can search, view and download detailed information relating to your legal events into Outlook. Events are available on the Dashboard widget, with a full view of all Events available under Events on the left hand side navigation pane. Select the title of an Event to view the Event in its entirety.

How do I add an Event?

Only LaunchPad Admins can add Events using the Publisher. LaunchPad Admins are created by your Company Admin. If you need to publish to your Legal department using LaunchPad, please ask to be added as a LaunchPad Admin (also see BriefBox How to Guide – LaunchPad Admin).

BriefBox features Outlook integration by allowing BriefBox Event invites to be downloaded and saved in your Outlook Calendar. To download an Event, select the Event Title and then click “Download Event Invite”. This will download a calendar.ics file which can be opened and saved to Outlook as a normal Outlook Calendar invite. In some browsers this happens automatically.

What are Quicklinks and how do I customize Quicklinks?

At the bottom of the Dashboard page you will see Quicklinks. Your LaunchPad Admins can set universal links here for everyone in the department. You cannot delete department wide Quicklinks.

In addition to the standard Quicklinks you can add your own. Simply select the menu button and select “Add Quicklink”. These are visible only to you.

Type in a title for the Quicklink and the URL and select Ok.

How do I use the LaunchPad Capacity widget?

LaunchPad’s Capacity tool allows users to view individual and group capacity in real time. Many legal

teams find Capacity useful for workload planning and allocation in weekly team meetings.

On the LaunchPad Dashboard, drag the Capacity widget bar from zero to 100% to indicate your own capacity. For example, 30% isn’t very busy, while 70% might indicate some capacity for more work. 100% would be suggesting that no more work should be allocated to you (if that’s an option!). When you are on leave, we recommend leaving the Capacity widget set to 100%.

I’m a manager, can I see team capacity over time?

If you are a Manager, you can quickly see your team’s capacity within the widget itself on the Dashboard, or for a more detailed view navigate to the Management pages to view capacity of your team including average year to date, capacity over time and against the group percentage.

To view this more detailed information, click on the Management link on the left hand side navigation pane or alternatively click on “LaunchPad” in the top black bar navigation menu and select “Management”.

From this Management Page, select the “Capacity” tab at the top of the page.

How do I access LaunchPad Forums?

Forums provide a community environment for LaunchPad users to create FAQs or topics of interest and disseminate useful information in a question and answer format. To access Forums, click on the Forums link on the left hand side navigation pane or alternatively click on “LaunchPad” in the top black bar navigation menu and select “Forums”.

For more information, see BriefBox How To Guide – Forums.

What are Smart Timers and how do I create one?

LaunchPad’s intuitive ‘Smart Timers’, incorporating stopwatch functionality, allows users to easily record, view and analyse effort spent on specific customers, deals, disputes, or projects.

The Time Widget is available on the Dashboard (and most secondary LaunchPad screens under the left side navigation pane).

There are two methods to create a new Smart Timer:

Go to Time and click “Add New”. You will be asked to insert the Timer Title, Type and a Description. If you select Deal, you will be asked to categorize the deal to enable better metrics to be obtained under Reports.

Create a Workroom using BriefBox Workrooms. A new Smart Timer will automatically be

created and shown both under Workroom Timers and LaunchPad Time.

Smart Timers automatically sort themselves based on most commonly used (most time within a day).

Please note: all time on the Smart Timers will be reset to zero at 12 midnight your local time and allocated to the History tab.

How do I edit a Smart Timer?

To edit a Smart Timer, simply click on the pencil icon (universally used within BriefBox to indicate an edit function). You can edit the Description but cannot change the Title, or Type (to do this you would need to create another Smart Timer).

How do I edit yesterday’s time?

Click on the Time: History Tab and select any item’s pencil icon. You will be able to edit both the time allocated to that matter and also the description of the work for that time. If you click delete, you will not be able to retrieve that time allocation.

If you missed a time entry for a past day, you can add new time by clicking the drop down next to Search and logging a new time entry.

What is the LaunchPad Activity Stream?

The Activity Stream displays all of your recent activity with BriefBox in a convenient location at the top of the Dashboard. To view more information related to an activity within the Activity Stream, simply click on the particular activity.

The Activity Stream automatically shows activity from Workrooms, Groups, Dealrooms, and Briefs that you are a member of. If your Company Admin has provisioned 3rd party tool feeds for common legal department tools, you will also see those actions and announcements here.

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