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How to: My Learning
How to: My Learning
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What is My Learning?

BriefBox provides users with access to an online repository of Learning Submissions (including articles, videos and webcasts, PowerPoint presentations and podcasts) via My Learning. Users can view, download and submit Learning Submissions from the My Learning page. Law firms and in-house teams can contribute learning materials in a range of formats, which can then be searched and accessed by BriefBox users.

Managers can assign learning materials to their teams, and even set up Pathways that collate a range of materials for their teams to work through. And all completed materials can be logged in the online CPD Tracker, making it easier for lawyers to monitor their ongoing learning requirements.

How do I access My Learning and view learning materials?

To access My Learning, log-in to BriefBox and select My Learning:

From your My Learning homepage, you will be able to view accessible learning materials, including items that are trending.

How do I browse and search for materials?

From the My Learning homepage, you can search through the available learning materials, which are default-sorted by submission date. In List View, you can change the ordering by clicking on the arrows next to the column headers:

By clicking “Grid View” at the top of the screen, learning materials will be displayed as tiles, rather listed in rows.

In both Grid View and List View, materials can be searched by entering terms in the search box at the top right of the homepage, and displayed results can be filtered using the field dropdown boxes on the left side of the screen:

You can save search parameters by clicking on “Save this Search” below the filter box, and then entering a name for the search in the confirmation box that appears. This search will then appear as a dropdown selection in the Saved Searches field.

How do I access learning materials?

Once you have found learning materials of interest, simply click on the title to access further details. From this window, you can see additional information on the submitter, on the topics covered in the materials and the format of the submission. External and download links to the materials can be found on the right side of the window.

You can also share the materials with colleagues at the bottom of the window –simply enter their name or email, separated with a comma if you want to share with multiple individuals.

Once you have viewed the materials, you can leave a review by clicking on “Rate” in the center of the screen, providing a score and clicking “Save”. You can also contact the submitter directly, by clicking on “Message” at the bottom of the window, or issue a “Brief” if you want to engage a law firm submitter:

How do I allocate learning materials to Learning Diary or my team?

In the details window for specific learning materials, you can add the materials to your Learning Diary, or allocate to your team members. Simply click on the appropriate box, enter the team member names, select a target date for completion, and click “Allocate”:

How do I set up a Learning Pathway?

Within My Learning, Pathways can be developed which bring together multiple different Learning Submissions that help build a particular skillset or legal competency. You can then assign various Pathways to legal team members, and track their progress as they complete the set of learning materials:

You can find available Pathways in your Learning Diary, and add any relevant Pathways to your own or team’s Learning Diary:

BriefBox users with administration access can set up Pathways – for more information, please see the guide on LaunchPad Administration.

How do I use the Learning Diary?

You can view allocated/saved materials by navigating to your Learning Diary by clicking on “LaunchPad” at the top of the screen, then selecting “Learning”:

Displayed will be learning materials either saved by yourself or allocated to you, including the proposed target date for completion. Items that appear in red have gone beyond their target date without having been completed.

Clicking on “Actions” will display options, including viewing the materials, editing and deleting the item from your diary, and adding the materials to your formal CPD Tracker (see below for further details).

You can also manually add further planned training to your diary by selecting “New” and completingthe required fields:

How do I use the CPD Tracker?

The CPD Tracker allows legal users to help track and monitor their annual continued legal education requirements, with respect to maintaining legal practicing certificates. To access, simply navigate to the My Learning homepage, and click on “CPD Tracker” at the top right of the screen:

In the CPD Tracker window, legal users can view their previous entries, and see a total of further rrequired CPD points and the number of days left in the tracking year:

Additional training sessions can be manually added by clicking on the blue plus sign (+) on the left side of the window, and completing the required details.

You can also export your CPD record by clicking on the options button, then clicking either CSV (for Excel) or PDF.

How do I submit a new learning materials?

Law firms and in-house legal teams can submit learning materials by simply clicking on the “+New” button at the top right of the My Learning homepage:

The “New Learning Submission” window will appear, setting out the required details on the submission:

The submitter should complete all required and relevant fields, including uploading or linking to the learning materials, before selecting “Create”. In particular, please take time to select “Tags” (and subtags), so users can readily find relevant learning materials.

How can I edit or delete previously submitted materials?

Under the Filter Results section on the left of the My Learning homepage, you can select “My Submissions” to just view your previous learning submissions:

In List View, you can then click “Actions” to view the submission details, “Edit” to make changes, and “Delete” to remove the submission from My Learning.

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