1. Log out of the DXC instance of BriefBox by navigating here: https://briefbox.dxc.com/Account/Logoff

2. Click the "Log Back In" button

* If you don't see the below screen, and you are logged directly into BriefBox, it meas you still have an active Global Pass session. Try closing down all browser windows and trying again from Step 1.

3. Enter your Global Pass login details and click "Login In"

4. BriefBox will automatically match your email address with any existing account in our system. If your email address cannot be found, such as when DXC IT has changed your email address, you are presented with the following screen. This screen will allow you to link your Global Pass login with an existing account in BriefBox.

4.1. Click the "Link to existing account" if you have already registered for Briefbox. The your username will be the username of the account you wish to link, and the password will be the password you use to log into https://app.briefbox.com.au/

4.2. Click the "Create a new account" if you have never registered for BriefBox

5. Upon successful linking, you should be logged into DXC's instance of BriefBox

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